'Labyrinth' Remake/ Sequel Rumors Met With Fan Opposition

'Labyrinth' Remake/ Sequel Rumors Met With Fan Opposition

By Robert Dougherty Jan 29, 2016 12:30 PM
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There were conflicting reports last week about the chances of Labyrinth being remade, just a few weeks after David Bowie's death. The Hollywood Reporter claimed Nicole Perlman was being hired to write a new Labyrinth reboot, yet she later hinted on Twitter that it would be a sequel instead.

Whether TriStar Pictures and Perlman are doing a new Labyrinth in any shape or form or not, fans of the 1986 cult fantasy classic, of Bowie and of Jim Henson are already disputing if it is necessary. When these fans commented on the matter on the Facebook pages of TheMovieNetwork.com and Movie Room Reviews, many were not pleased.

The timing of these rumors after Bowie's death touched a nerve, as Michelle Ragucci commented that they already "Missed 30 some odd years worth of opportunities to have a Bowie cameo, and definitely announced the movie at a tasteless time." Yet Marcus Paul Bevan commented that his opposition isn't just about Bowie.

I'm not against this film because my musical idol just passed away, I'm saying this because there is no reason or need for a remake because the perfect mix of camp bad acting (Thanks Jennifer Connelly, she is better now though with that Oscar win and all) great music and bizarre other worldly muppets getting kicked across the room by a singing Mr. Bowie just can't be topped. Are they going to have someone beside David sing the songs from the original? That would be a reason to riot. Will they have new songs? Riots.
Leave the original as a stand alone, do the Ultimate Blu-Ray release where any and all behind the scenes, cutting room floor, interviews and making of material are on the disk. Please don't ruin a classic film and a movie that introduced a whole new generation of fans to David Bowie.

Before the reboot rumors were disputed, a few commentors suggested actors like Johnny Depp, Jared Leto and Willem Dafoe to fill Bowie's shoes as the Goblin King, with Adam Levine and Adam Lambert even getting mentioned too. A sequel could certainly need the Goblin King as well, but it would be easier to write him out of one if they really didn't want someone to succeed Bowie -- although they probably wouldn't make a new Labyrinth movie if they didn't.

There may not have been talk of a reboot or sequel right now if Bowie was still alive to begin with. Yet Henson has been dead since 1990, and that didn't lead to various rumors of a new Labyrinth working out over the years. Perhaps with time, these rumors won't pan out either -- and at least a few will be relieved if that is the case.

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