‘Fear the Walking Dead’ S2: E7 ‘Shiva’ Review

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ S2: E7 ‘Shiva’ Review

By Amanda Joyce May 23, 2016 12:30PM EDT
70% Review Score: 7 / 10
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Fear the Walking Dead (TV Series) (2015)

Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) try to keep their family close as they realize there might be dangers in their new safe haven. After last week, Strand (Colman Domingo) is also out to make a change.


**Spoiler Alert**

This review contains spoilers for S2E7 of Fear the Walking Dead. If you haven’t yet watched, read at your own risk.


The Good

Celia is, as expected, livid. As soon as she realizes that Strand went back on his word to die with Thomas, she’s not a fan of Strand or any of the people he brought to her home, except for Nick, of course. It’s interesting that beyond telling them they have a day to leave, she doesn’t really get more explosive with her anger though. I very much expected her to lose it early on and give more than just Madison and Strand cause for concern.

Nick replaces his addiction to drugs for one with the dead. Strand is absolutely right in his assessment of Nick’s behavior when Madison tries to figure him out. Going into the world of the zombies, Nick was coming off his long teenage experience with drugs. He might be clean now, but that need to feel something else is still there. Instead of seeking out a high with chemicals, he’s trying to figure out just where he belongs in this new world. He seems to think he’s untouchable just because he’s walked around with Walker blood on him a few times, and that probably doesn’t bode well for his future.

Madison and Strand bond. These two, who couldn’t have been more at odds when this season began, seem to have found some interesting common ground in this episode. Madison, like Strand, sees the walkers as the dead that shouldn’t still be walking. She sees Strand’s killing of Thomas for the mercy kill it was. It’s probably the first time on the show the two of them have been on the same page since they’ve met, and it’ll likely set the tone for the back half of the season.

Madison makes a decision about Celia. In what looks like a surprising move at first, Celia takes Madison to see the walkers she has locked up on the property. I almost expected the walkers to attack, but instead, we see Madison slowly back away and lock Celia in with them, leaving her to the people she thinks are just the next step on Earth. I can’t blame Madison for what she does. She wants to protect her family, and she thinks Celia’s willingness to have the walkers on her property and embrace the new world they live in is a threat.

The fracture. As the midseason finale draws to its conclusion, Travis has opted to go with Chris and leave everyone behind to help Chris figure things out. Chris is kind of a budding sociopath, so maybe we want to be worried about him. Nick though, who does manage to track them down, decides to tell Madison that he couldn’t find them as Travis asked once he realizes that she might have been responsible for the fire on the Abigail property and Celia nowhere to be seen. It splits everyone up as Strand sets out with Madison, Alisha, and Ofelia for the boat, leaving Nick to walk through a group of zombies alone, and Travis and Chris somewhere out in the countryside. It leaves us wondering if they’ll ever all unite again.



The Bad

Daniel hallucinates his wife. This season has done a lot of recycling plot points from the early seasons of The Walking Dead, and Daniel getting some closure by hallucinating his dead wife is nearly the same as what Rick went through when his wife died. It’s a little disappointing because I expected this show to have a fresh take on the early days of the zombie outbreak.

Ofelia doesn’t get to do much. I’ve held off on this bit of criticism throughout the season simply because she’s been injured and I thought we’d see more of her as we got further into the season, but she really hasn’t been utilized much at all in these seven episodes. I hope that changes in the back half.

Why so long making decisions? You have to wonder sometimes if people don’t realize the kinds of danger they’re in when you watch a scene with someone like Madison standing in the middle of an open road as walkers begin to show up on all sides and she still stands there and tries to convince Nick to come with her. While we know he’s her son, she also spent a long time before that standing there and looking to see if there was anyone coming. When you’re being surrounded by walking dead, you don’t waste time questioning your decisions and weighing your options.



The Questions

Are Daniel and Celia both dead? Considering we didn’t actually see either of them die, even though there was a whole lot of fire going on, I’m willing to say that they’ll both be back.

Will the Abigail still be intact? Strand and the women are heading back to the boat, but given that the boat’s been left alone for a few days, are they going to find it in the same condition they left it?

Can Travis really help Chris? Someone who shows up at his stepsister’s bedside in the middle of the night brandishing a kitchen knife doesn’t scream stable to me, and I have my doubts that Travis, who couldn’t see the problem until his own son had a gun on him, will be able to help him.


Grading the episode: Despite some of the interesting character development we saw in this episode, overall, it didn’t have the same grip as a midseason finale should. While I don’t need a huge cliffhanger to get me to come back for the back half of the season, I also don’t find myself hugely concerned about any of these characters. C+

The series returns with the remainder of season two in August.



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