Ridley Scott Envisions Four More 'Alien' Prequels After 'Alien: Covenant'

By Robert Dougherty Mar 20, 2017 10:08 AM
Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox

Alien: Covenant is the second film of Ridley Scott's new Alien series after Prometheus. Yet according to Scott, it may not even be the halfway point of the saga, as he hinted at four more Alien movies he has planned after Covenant.

While previewing Covenant and screening the original Alien at the SXSW Festival, Scott told Fandango that the title of the next Alien film is "Awakening." What's more, he said that film will be set in between Prometheus and Covenant, and that "there will definitely be three more" if it is successful, even as Covenant star Katherine Waterston warned "You're giving away too much!"

Scott still revealed that his next proposed trilogy will be set before the events of Alien, since other sequels without him have "already been there, done that." It was already no secret that Scott was making an ongoing prequel franchise to end right before the first Alien, yet having five more combined prequels starting with Covenant goes well beyond normal.

Ironically, Scott is further along than Aliens director James Cameron in making years of sequels, since Cameron still can't get the first of his four Avatar sequels off the ground yet. Nonetheless, the 79-year-old Scott would likely be devoting the rest of his career to Alien movies if he wants to run them all himself.

Of course, Covenant would have to be bigger and be received better than Prometheus before more sequels get off the ground. To that end, Scott teased that it would "answer the who and why" of the infamously cryptic Prometheus while also being "gorier, and smarter."

A big loose end to tie up in the process is the fate of Prometheus's two survivors, although Michael Fassbender's David and Noomi Rapace's Shaw haven't been seen in the trailers, and Fassbender's new robotic character of Walter has been a minor part of them. But Scott hints that Covenant will show "what David carried out later" and that Shaw will show up as an "integral" part of it, although Rapace is only returning "Not fully, but in a way."

These mixed messages may still be clearer than Prometheus by comparison, yet if Scott has a decade more of story to tell, he may not reveal everything anytime soon. Whatever he is ready to show in Alien: Covenant, it will be displayed on May 19.

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