Top 5 Lois Lanes in Live Action

Top 5 Lois Lanes in Live Action

By Amanda Joyce Jul 09, 2016 11:30 AM
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When a character like Superman has been around since 1938, the characters associated with him are going to be just as prevalent in pop culture as he is. In fact, Lois Lane and Superman made their comic book debut in the very same issue of Action Comics nearly 80 years ago. There are plenty of comparisons made for the men who take on Superman - George Reeves, Christopher Reeves, Tom Welling, Brandon Routh, Dean Cain, Henry Cavill, and soon, Tyler Hoechlin. It’s usually Superman’s name in the title, so of course, he gets the spotlight. But what about the intrepid reporter who works alongside his human alter ego Clark Kent? Lois Lane is just as big a part of the Superman story as he is.

Lois Lane has been many things over the years. She’s the star reporter at the Daily Planet. She’s the woman who constantly pushes boundaries and winds up in trouble with supervillains. She’s the woman who not only falls in love with Superman, but also Clark Kent. And though she’s got a bit of a damsel in distress reputation from the original series, she’s become a nearly equal partner in investigating troubling stories over the years. Some versions of her character have made her tough as nails and incredibly sarcastic in the modern age. But which Lois is your favorite?

Now, in order to better narrow our list down, we’re focusing only on the live action portrayals of Lois Lane on the screen. Numerous women have voiced the character for animated series and movies, but including them could up our list by a dozen actresses. There was also a 1966 Broadway show inspired by Superman, one version of which was later televised. We’re going to stick to the movies and television franchises though. Click through to see the top five Lois Lanes in live action.

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