Get Started on Your Halloween Costume With These Character Inspirations

Get Started on Your Halloween Costume With These Character Inspirations

By Amanda Joyce Sep 30, 2016 01:31 PM
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The National Retail Federation just released their list of Halloween costumes that are expected to be the biggest sellers this year, and princesses have finally been dethroned for kids. Superheroes have nabbed the top spot for children, while Batman characters and other comic book superheroes have also made several top 10 lists for adults. There are also the classic witches and vampires, but we thought Halloween lovers might like some more movie and TV inspiration.

We say, why be like everyone else? If you don’t want to be a superhero or a Disney princess, there are plenty of pop culture costumes that are relatively easy to put together on the fly. Of course, if costumes are your jam, there are more detailed options as well. We’ve got a few costume ideas from some of the biggest movies and TV shows this year to get your creative juices flowing like Zootopia, Stranger Things, and more.

And yes, don’t worry. We’ve even thrown in a few of those popular comic book characters for good measure.

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