All of the Marvel Easter Eggs in ‘Jessica Jones’

All of the Marvel Easter Eggs in ‘Jessica Jones’

By Amanda Joyce Nov 24, 2015 09:45 AM
Photo Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Early reviews of Marvel’s Jessica Jones indicated that this wasn’t an Easter egg show, that fans of the comics and the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe would be hard pressed to find connections. I beg to differ. It’s on par with Daredevil in its references to Marvel comic books, but there are also a few nods to the movies as well. Jessica Jones is different from a lot of Marvel projects though in that it doesn’t expect you to be familiar with the comic book from which it draws its story. That doesn’t mean the Easter eggs aren’t fun to find. We’ll give you one here to start you off: each of the episode titles is spoken in its episode. Each of the following slides will have Easter eggs broken down by episode appearance. Make sure you scroll to the bottom!

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