‘X-Men’ Spinoff ‘X-Force’ Lineup Revealed In Concept Art

‘X-Men’ Spinoff ‘X-Force’ Lineup Revealed In Concept Art

By Amanda Joyce Dec 30, 2015 08:30 PM
Photo Credit: Gregory Semkow

Deadpool is the X-Men spinoff film that everyone’s interested in right now, but there are other spinoffs from the superpowered mutant franchise possibly in the cards. In 2013, an X-Force movie was greenlit, and Fox hired Jeff Wadlow to write a script for it. Then, earlier this year concept art designed by Gregory Semkow surfaced, but not all of the characters were identified until now.

If you aren’t familiar with X-Force, the series was actually created from the New Mutants comic books, which were a younger group of mutants, a more diverse group, meant to bring in a younger audience since the X-Men were older. Early members of the X-Force included Cable, Boom Boom, Domino, Feral, Warpath, Cannonball, and Shatterstar, though the group would often trade team members with X-Men over the years.

Fox was interested in creating a movie based around the group, though not with the full team. Wadlow, who also wrote the script for Kick-Ass 2, has revealed in the past that his team consisted of five members instead of the original seven, though he never revealed just who would be involved.

Semkow (who was also hired to create artwork for a Power Rangers movie pitch earlier this year) revealed artwork he’d created for Wadlow’s script, which he said reflected the team lineup in the script.

Gregory Semkow

Comic book fans quickly identified the rocket in the sky as Cannonball, a character who can propel himself through the air with his own manufactured heat, like a rocket. From right to left, comic book fans also identified Warpath, Domino, and Cable. Warpath was most recently seen onscreen in X-Men: Days of Future Past, played by Boo Boo Stewart, but Domino and Cable have never been main characters in a movie in the X-Men continuity. Domino is able to alter probability to her advantage, in addition to having great marksmanship. Cable is the time traveling son of Jean Grey and Cyclops, who have been staples in the live action movies since the first one.

The woman on the left was never confirmed though until the staff at ComicBook.Com reached out to the artist to find out who she was. Some had assumed she was Rogue because of her look, but Semkow revealed the character was actually Feral. Feral was a sometimes villain in the comic books with a feline-like appearance. She has claws, a tail, and supreme agility. She only joined X-Factor in the comics because Cable saved her life.

This particular lineup is sure to please fans of the X related comic book titles if it ever moves forward as the characters have connections to already existing characters. The movie, however, was put on hold last year when Deadpool’s test footage leaked and Fox decided to move forward on that film. Interestingly enough, Cable, the leader of X-Force, and Deadpool are a popular team up in the comics, and many have expressed interest at seeing him in a future Deadpool adventure. It’s possible X-Force could spin out of Deadpool instead of X-Men then. Of course, Fox did already greenlight New Mutants as well, so we could see a bit of world building outside of the core group of X-Men audiences already know.

Deadpool will land in theaters in February, while the next chapter of the X-Men movies, X-Men: Apocalypse will land in theaters in May.

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