Wonder Woman Heard In Brief 'Batman v Superman' Clip At Beijing

Wonder Woman Heard In Brief 'Batman v Superman' Clip At Beijing

By Robert Dougherty Mar 14, 2016 08:58 AM
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

Wonder Woman has been shown sparingly in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice teasers, to the point where she didn't even get a speaking line until the last full trailer. Another chance to get a hint at what Gal Gadot sounds like came on March 13, when the film's global world tour started in Beijing and a brief snippet of footage was caught and heard on camera.

Although the camera is too far away from the screen to see too much of the scene, it is clear Wonder Woman/Diana Prince is poking a little fun at the men while at Bruce Wayne's dinner party, starting at the 11 second mark.

It is clearer from this snippet that Gadot's Wonder Woman has an accent, which may not be a surprise since Gadot is from Israel. Henry Cavill obviously needed to hide his British accent as Superman, but as the Thor movies already proved, comic book characters from another planet or galaxy don't necessarily need American accents.

Gadot herself wasn't in this video to speak more about it, as Cavill and Ben Affleck took the stage after the clip. This video has fans being asked whether they think Batman or Superman would win the big fight, although that technically isn't what the movie is about. Since they later have to unite with Wonder Woman herself against Lex Luthor and Doomsday, the fight is technically a red herring in the big picture.

Once Wonder Woman helps get the ball rolling for the future Justice League, regardless of how many lines Gadot has, she will take center stage in the solo Wonder Woman movie, which just finished filming in London and is coming out next summer. But first, her opening statement in the new DC universe will be heard on March 25.

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