Steven DeKnight Teases a New ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Cast Member

Steven DeKnight Teases a New ‘Pacific Rim 2’ Cast Member

By Amanda Joyce Sep 13, 2016 10:12 AM
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You might not think that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn would have anything to do the upcoming Pacific Rim sequel, but he and director Steven DeKnight apparently share an eye for talent as they’re going to have at least one actor in common very soon. Gunn’s movie The Belko Experiment, which has been waiting for a distribution deal, was finally given a release date, and DeKnight shared that someone in the film was just added to the cast of Pacific Rim 2.

Gunn penned the script for The Belko Experiment, a horror tale that pits coworkers against one another when they are locked in an office building and forced to kill one another to survive. The film premiered at Toronto’s International Film Festival this week and will land in theaters in March 2017.

Horror site Bloody Disgusting was the first to review the movie, and when Gunn shared their take on it, DeKnight tweeted, “So looking forward to this. And someone in this cast just happens to be in Pacific Rim 2...”

There have been very few cast members publicly announced for the film, but no one in The Belko Experiment has been announced so far, or appeared in the original Pacific Rim. The movie boasts a huge ensemble cast, so there are a lot of potential players. One is a James Gunn favorite to work with - Michael Rooker, who also appears in the aforementioned Guardians of the Galaxy. Gunn joked that DeKnight probably should reconsider if he’s got Rooker in the film, but since he was joking around with him on twitter, we probably can’t take that as confirmation or denial of the actor’s role in the film.

Also included in The Belko Experiment is Gunn’s brother Sean Gunn and TV veterans like Tony Goldwyn, David del Rio, Owain Yeoman, and John C. McGinley. True Detective alum Adria Arjona and Fruitvale Station favorite Melonie Diaz also appear. We won’t know who is getting their turn at Pacific Rim until an official announcement is made.

We do know that the movie heads into production soon though as John Boyega shared on twitter that he had just wrapped production on Kathryn Bigelow’s next movie. An exchange between Boyega and DeKnight followed with DeKnight assuring Boyega that he’s “getting things ready” to shoot in Australia and Boyega voicing his excitement at getting to engage in “robotic warfare” soon.

Pacific Rim 2 is expected to land in theaters in 2018.

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