Ryan Reynolds Didn't Agree with Portrayal of Deadpool in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

Ryan Reynolds Didn't Agree with Portrayal of Deadpool in ‘X-Men Origins: Wolverine’

By Amanda Joyce Feb 15, 2016 01:00 PM
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Ryan Reynolds just had one great Valentine’s Day weekend. Not only did he finally get to see Deadpool make it to the big screen - a part he’s been wanting to play as close to the comics as possible for a decade - but he also got to see the R-rated comic book character break all kinds of records in the process. If FOX had left the character as fans saw him in his first big screen outing, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, that might not have happened. Reynolds has been a champion of getting this version of the character on the screen. Fans have been wondering though, if this foul mouthed, prone to violence, anti-hero is the Deadpool Reynolds always wanted to play, why did he play him in the Origins film?

According to Reynolds, the answer is simple: professional blackmail.

When Reynolds was cast as Deadpool in a supporting role in the Wolverine’s (Hugh Jackman) movie, the idea was that the character would be seen again in other X-Men projects, and his own solo film. When Reynolds saw what the film would be doing to the character though, he had some doubts, and in a recent Google Talk, he explained:

They sew his mouth shut, let lasers come out of his eyes. He has weird knives that fly out of his hands. I remember saying, 'That's really going to anger some people. That's not Deadpool.' And they basically said, 'Well, you can play him or we can hire someone else to play him.' So for me it was...I was a little bit blackmailed.

Given how many creative liberties have been taking with the X-Men and related characters at FOX over the years, and the divisive nature of the films amongst comic book fans, this isn’t hugely surprising. If a studio is investing money in a film, especially a superhero film, and a character hasn’t yet been proven as a box office draw, the actor playing the character is always replaceable. After all, Kitty Pryde, whom most know as being played by Ellen Page has been played by three different actresses now. The first two just had significantly smaller roles. Wolverine was the proven box office draw for the X-Men franchise at the time, so the other characters in the film likely weren’t a high priority for the studio.

Reynolds, who was such a fan of the comic books before being cast in the film, likely wasn’t about to pass up the slim chance that he could play a different version of the character in the future.

Despite the general panning X-Men Origins: Wolverine gets from fans of the comic book film genre, we’re sure fans are glad Reynolds stuck it out, and waited seven more years for his chance to put on the black and red suit. It’s the kind of role he was born to play.

You can currently see Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool in theaters. And with a sequel script already in the works, he’s sure to be playing the character again soon.





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