Rumor Suggests Ben Affleck Wants Out as Batman

Rumor Suggests Ben Affleck Wants Out as Batman

By Robert Dougherty Feb 14, 2017 12:26 PM
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It seems The Batman will replace Ben Affleck as director with Matt Reeves, although replacing Affleck as Batman himself would be much harder. Yet according to Collider Movie Talk host John Campea, sources have claimed to him that Affleck wants to be free of Batman and the DCEU altogether.

Despite Campea himself being unsure if this is completely true, he still passed on what he was allegedly told by sources at Warner Brothers, starting at the 17:40 mark of the video below.

As unsubstantiated as this rumor might be, Affleck's departure as The Batman director does set a precedence, along with Chris Terrio reportedly rewriting his and Geoff Johns' original script. Nonetheless, Affleck stepping down as director seemed like the right move to help him focus more on playing Batman, but this rumor suggests his problems have gone beyond that.

If the DCEU's massive messes and critical backlash have soured Affleck, it would be pretty ironic, given that his Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of DC's few things that wasn't either panned or highly divisive. But if one of the only popular elements of this cinematic universe wants out anyway, that may be the most telling sign of the DCEU's sinking ship.

Given how often Batman has been recast in the last three decades, it may not be so bad in that context. Of course, when three actors played Batman in the first four-film long franchise, it wasn't part of a whole cinematic universe. The MCU has recast the Hulk and James Rhodes as well, but they weren't the leaders of their own franchises, let alone a whole universe.

Justice League is supposed to be a new beginning for DC, both in tone and in bringing all its heroes together. Now it seems time will tell if it also serves as an end, at least regarding Affleck's Batman. At the least, it is 100 percent certain that he will lead Justice League on Nov. 17, whether or not the same can still be said about The Batman.

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