'Rogue One' World Premiere Inspires Early Raves on Twitter

'Rogue One' World Premiere Inspires Early Raves on Twitter

By Robert Dougherty Dec 12, 2016 12:11 PM
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Full Rogue One reviews won't be allowed to go up until Dec. 13 at 5 pm est. Nonetheless, fans already have ample reason to expect a lot of positive responses, thanks to a slew of tweets from those who attended the film's world premiere on Dec. 10.

Just like when The Force Awakens premiered a year ago, the vast majority of bloggers, online critics and trade critics came out of the world premiere with a lot to rave about on Twitter.

The real test will come when reviews longer than 140 characters can come out, and when more people and critics can see it outside the spectacle of a big world premiere. Nonetheless, after months of fears about reshoots, the shadow of The Force Awakens opening and whether anthology Star Wars films can really work, everything so far is pointing to all those fears being false.

In fact, they also point to the possibility that viewers may not want to read anything more until the end of the week. While the ending of the Rebel spies getting the Death Star plans and setting up the beginning of A New Hope was preordained from the start, it would seem there's still a lot more twists to the story that haven't been spoiled yet. Given that The Force Awakens pulled a fast one by hiding that film's biggest third act twists, duels and murders, perhaps big Star Wars surprises and secrecy aren't limited to J.J. Abrams and his team.

Nonetheless, they are still giving away much more new footage and behind-the-scenes looks than The Force Awakens ever did, even if it appears none of it is from the second half. Before the world premiere, two new clips aired while the cast and director Gareth Edwards all appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Dec. 9.

The first shows how Felicity Jones' Jyn is initially rescued from Imperial forces by the Rebels, although she certainly doesn't consider it a rescue until Alan Tudyk's K-2S0 drives the point home by force. In the second, K-2S0 has the even more difficult task of driving through a rain soaked planet and very high odds, while Diego Luna's Cassian and Riz Ahmed's Bodhi try to work out their route.

If that wasn't enough, K-2SO and Tudyk are at the center of one of the two latest featurettes, with a second showing the filming of what may be the film's biggest battle on the "paradise" world of Scarif.

Any other secrets of Rogue One will only be kept for three more days, until the general public first gets to see it on the night of Dec. 15. By then, perhaps more and more critics will help to quell their remaining fears, although their highest expectations might just be another matter.

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