'Power Rangers' Reveals New Alpha-5

'Power Rangers' Reveals New Alpha-5

By Robert Dougherty Nov 30, 2016 12:23 PM
Photo Credit: Lionsgate/IGN

The Power Rangers movie has gone out of its way to show it looks different from the old TV shows. The latest example of its modern makeover is the robot Alpha-5, whose new look was shown for the first time by IGN.com.

While there is still no footage of the Power Rangers and Zordon's alien robot helper, or any audio of Bill Hader voicing him, IGN did unveil the concept art of him in a new video. He was fully robotic on TV, but this is a new Power Rangers universe now.



This comes just a few days after new photos were released of Elizabeth Banks in costume as Rita Repulsa. Although the film's first trailer was very light on showing Rita and the Rangers in costume, the most recent marketing has been somewhat more revealing. Perhaps it is building up to the release of a new trailer sometime soon, which would presumably focus more on the Rangers once they completely become the Rangers.

The first trailer cut away right before their new suits formed, and before they could actually meet their future mentor Zordon and his assistant. With Alpha-5's movie form now revealed, the last major character yet to be seen in some way is Zordon, played in the present day by the giant floating head of Bryan Cranston. Given the character's history with Rita in the ancient past, however, a first look at Zordon may show him in his old fully human form instead.

Power Rangers is clearly trying to get taken seriously, albeit in ways that have reminded some skeptical critics of Fantastic Four and other failed serious reboots. Straddling the line between honoring goofy but beloved old creations and making more modern and pumped up versions is a hard task, with the new and more alien Alpha-5 merely the latest example.

All the others will collide and share the big screen with the Power Rangers on March 24, 2017.

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