New 'Wonder Woman' Scoops and Scene Descriptions Released

New 'Wonder Woman' Scoops and Scene Descriptions Released

By Robert Dougherty Mar 06, 2017 01:31 PM
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This could be a big week for Wonder Woman scoop, with speculation that a brand new trailer may premiere in front of Kong: Skull Island. But before that, the week has begun with several scoops posted by bloggers who visited the film's edit bay and director Patty Jenkins in London.

In addition, Warner Brothers released a new photo of Gal Gadot's Diana emerging from the trenches of WWI, right as full descriptions of the scene and of Wonder Woman's first public reveal to mankind were posted.


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The full scene was one of several screened for bloggers in the editing room, in which Diana, Chris Pine's Steve Trevor and his fellow soldiers enter battle in a territory called "No Man's Land." It is meant to be Diana's first scene in her classic Wonder Woman armor, as she goes against Steve's orders to try and save those trapped in the crossfire.

Beforehand, scenes were screened of Diana crossing into London with Steve, and exploring the city and the world of man for the first time. Jenkins explained that they couldn't avoid giving her some "total obliviousness" when she first arrives, but that she actively made sure "she could never be lecturing and she can never be scolding," as they wanted to show "a funnier way to look at" her introduction to our world. That includes thinking the view of London looks "hideous" when she first sees it, but Steve and his secretary Etta Candy help to settle her in.

Nonetheless, her main mission in that world is to save it from the God of War Ares. Yet an additional clip showed originally suspected arch-villain Danny Huston as rogue General Erich Ludendorff, and a half-masked Elena Anaya as "Doctor Maru", a.k.a. Doctor Poison, who steals a capsule of gas that seems to restore the general's strength.

As for Ares himself, he was reported some time ago to be played by David Thewlis, but Jenkins actually claimed his character's name was "Sir Patrick Morgan" who is introduced arguing for a peace armistice at a war council and showing support for Steve's pleas to investigate a deadly gas attack. Of course, Sir Morgan's real goals, aims and physical form could easily turn out to be the exact opposite.

Before the truth can be discovered in London, however, the first act sets everything up in Diana's home island of Themyscira. It also details the backstory of Ares, how Zeus created the Amazonians to defeat him, how Diana's mother/queen fears her daughter will grow up to take on Ares, how Diana's aunt Antiope trains her and develops her powers anyway, and how Steve's arrival fuels Diana to leave home with him towards WWI.

Jenkins admitted she thought it would be set in WWII at first, yet Warner Brothers and producer Zack Snyder were already committed to the WWI setting. There have already been more than enough WWII films, but as Jenkins points out, WWI was the first "mechanized war" that had no "pride or system of what was honorable and what wasn’t." This makes it even harder for Diana to find the bad guys and to sort out mankind in general, in a quest described as "Superman: The Movie meets Casablanca" and Indiana Jones.

The toll it inevitably takes on Diana leads her to abandon mankind for a century, until Bruce Wayne brings her back into the fight. But in a set visit from last year which also had its embargo lifted, Gadot told visitors that Diana "has a heart of a human being, powers of a goddess and a very wise brain" and that playing her fulfilled her wish from years ago to "show the stronger side of women."

While select visiting journalists and bloggers got an extensive sneak peek of how Wonder Woman shows this, the rest of the world will soon see a new shorter preview. Since a new two minute and 23 second trailer was recently classified, suspicions rose that Warner Brothers would put it in front of Kong: Skull Island, yet Trailer Track now claims that will not be the case.

Something is surely coming in the next few weeks or so, with these latest set reports as good of an additional sign as any. Even so, Wonder Woman won't be seen in its entirety until June 2.

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