New 'Wonder Woman' Interview With Chris Pine May Give Away Arch-Villain

New 'Wonder Woman' Interview With Chris Pine May Give Away Arch-Villain

By Robert Dougherty Jan 11, 2017 11:36 AM
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It is obvious that Wonder Woman will have the title character battle the Germans in WWI. However, more mythological foes have been suspected as the true villains behind the curtain for some time, and a new interview in a French film magazine may have helped provide more evidence.

According to translations from an article about Wonder Woman in France's Studio Ciné Live, Chris Pine helps to say that the God of war Ares is the one behind everything. The article sums up that Pine's character of Steve Trevor steals a book "filled with scientific formulas" before getting shot down and crash landing in Wonder Woman's homeland. Once she then accompanies Steve into the frontlines of WWI, they discover those formulas are for "a deadly gas that could well annihilate humanity."

Such a deadly gas may be the one that Elena Anaya's half-masked villain tossed during the last trailer. That teaser also had Danny Huston's unnamed character and enemy commander proclaim "The world can be ours" so between that and Huston's years of typecasting as villains, he was already suspected to be Ares before this interview.

Of course, Huston's character could just be a human puppet of Ares. However, a late shot in the last trailer appeared to show Huston in a duel with Wonder Woman, which very few human and non-God figures would be evenly matched in.

Before Huston was even cast, Ares was alleged to be one of Wonder Woman's arch enemies. However, Ares and the goddess sorcerer Circe were rumored as the movie's villains back then, with Sean Bean and Eva Green supposedly up for those roles. But neither of them were cast and now it appears Ares will be the only evil god involved, assuming Anaya's character isn't Circe or any other god.

The article hints Ares doesn't want to rule humanity as much as he wants to destroy it, teasing that he is "jealous of humanity" because it was made by his brother and Wonder Woman's father Zeus. But Ares already killed Zeus when he and the Amazons first rebelled against him, and now Zeus's daughter and Ares's niece may get to finish the job while protecting her father's creation.

This would make Wonder Woman a battle between family, the kind of which the DCEU hasn't shown to this point. Aquaman will pit that future Justice League member against his half-brother the Ocean Master, but that sibling rivalry won't be shown until Oct. 2018.

In the meantime, Studio Ciné Live's other bits of Wonder Woman scoop involve new behind-the-scenes photos, showing Gal Gadot, Connie Nielsen and director Patty Jenkins filming early scenes set on the beaches of Themyscira.

All of the action on Themyscira and Europe, and all of Wonder Woman's human and God-like foes, will be shown in full when Wonder Woman reaches theaters on June 2.

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