New 'Cars 3' Teaser Just as Serious as the First One

New 'Cars 3' Teaser Just as Serious as the First One

By Robert Dougherty Jan 10, 2017 09:11 AM
Photo Credit: Pixar

The first Cars 3 teaser took everyone by surprise with its dark set up, but it was surely somewhat misleading. Nevertheless, regardless of how dark or intense the full movie actually is, the second teaser continued to sell a more serious tone than ever before in the Cars series.

In fact, the first half of this trailer is an exact replay of the entire first teaser, although the second half isn't extremely revealing either.

This time, a bit more of Owen Wilson is heard than his slow breathing at the end of Lightning McQueen's game-changing crash. But while Lightning's younger nemesis Jackson Storm is seen winning numerous races, Armie Hammer isn't heard voicing him yet, although Cristela Alonzo has one line as the good younger car who gets Lightning back in racing shape.

Hammer and Alonzo's casting was announced days earlier, yet no other new cast members were disclosed. However, it appears Chris Cooper's voice is heard delivering two lines, but the trailer doesn't seem to show his character. Of course, the trailer doesn't show many new or old characters at all besides the main ones.

Once more, the surest sign that Cars 3 is a long way from its predecessors is that Mater and Larry the Cable Guy's voice are nowhere near this trailer. They will still be in the movie in some capacity, yet the trailers and marketing continue to insist that this isn't the Mater-dominated Cars of old.

To those who regard the Cars series as the black sheep of Pixar, this is surely nothing but promising, though it may make them all the more disappointed if these teasers are indeed misleading. Technically, they still haven't released a full length trailer yet, and will probably wait until Beauty and the Beast comes out at the earliest to unveil one.

Either way, all the real answers to what Cars 3 truly is will be saved until June 9.

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