New ‘Captain Marvel’ in 2018: What Version of Carol Danvers and Her Alter Ego Will We See?

New ‘Captain Marvel’ in 2018: What Version of Carol Danvers and Her Alter Ego Will We See?

By -Greg Brian- Oct 29, 2014 01:09 PM
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Despite female superheroes being criminally underutilized in movies, the comic book world has given female characters plenty of elaborate attention. And, as with many comic book characters, some of them have gone through numerous changes and evolutions that almost border on the ridiculous. Carol Danvers is one of those who went from a mortal woman, to sexist Ms. Marvel, to Captain Marvel within a span of 45 years. In between those moments, Marvel Comics presented as many variations on her character as there has been with non-superhero Marvel characters like Gwen Stacy from The Amazing Spider-Man.

With Marvel Productions now announcing an extensive lineup of Marvel movies through 2019, 2018’s Captain Marvel seems way overdue for a smart female superhero. But within four years, it’s going to leave plenty of room for speculation on who’s going to play Carol Danvers and what version from the comic books we’re going to see. It’s ironic the most recent comic book incarnation of Carol Danvers (as Captain Marvel) is now being written by a woman when the character was created by a man.

Kelly Sue DeConnick took on the writing role in the last couple of years, and she added a refreshing dimension to Carol Danvers that initially started with a different perspective. When the character first appeared in Marvel Comics during the late 1960s, she was merely a military friend of Captain Marvel’s and hadn’t yet acquired her super powers. It wasn’t until the mid 1970s when Danvers became “Ms. Marvel” with the creative intention of mirroring the women’s liberation movement happening at the time. It was a significant move considering there were few female superheroes then with significant superhuman abilities.

Yet, it was inevitable that the Danvers character would go through a thousand other incarnations. The comic book world has never wavered on creating different variations on one character to a point where focus sometimes gets lost. Regardless, some of those personas are complex and have some possibilities if incorporated into the 2018 movie.


Will We See Some of the Early Storyline Personas?

When Danvers first became Ms. Marvel through an accidental explosion of energy, she managed to basically hybridize with the male Captain Marvel. In the movie, this might be considered a fallback of having to add the spirit of a male to a female superhero in an origins tale. Then again, the original comic book series of this story didn’t utilize an All of Me scenario where the male and female minds conflict with each other. It’s a plot point the movie may ignore to appreciate this Captain Marvel existing for an individual purpose rather than needing a male figure to exist.

The same can go for an infamous impregnation story that took place in the 1980s. In this tale, Danvers is forcibly impregnated by a villain named Marcus and gives birth to a boy not long after that eerily turns into his father. This story was criticized later for basically depicting rape in a comic book that Marvel has tried to steer clear from ever since. It’s safe to say the movie probably won’t go there, even if her immediate persona that came after could become as cool of a variation as Captain Marvel herself.

Some people might remember the Danvers superhero variation of Binary where she turns into a superhero with powers that connect to the forces of stars in our galaxy. This persona gave a return to superheroes connecting to space after Superman set it in motion years earlier. It’s a variation that didn’t last long, though, despite giving the character an amazing look that could be part of a sequel after the initial film happens.


Most Likely: Team-Up with The Avengers or Guardians of the Galaxy

Prior to the revamp of Carol Danvers and Captain Marvel in the last couple of years, everyone has associated her with teaming up with The Avengers in different storylines and personas. Yes, we’ve even seen “Ms. Marvel” die once in the comics, only to be resurrected as so many comic book characters have in order to play up death storylines.

Most recently, however, Carol Danvers is strictly known as Captain Marvel and even teamed up with the Guardians of the Galaxy in a comic book series last year. Will we see crossover characters from both The Avengers and Guardians in the 2018 movie? Above all, the recent persona seems intent on going where a lot of superhero movies are going lately: Dealing with the weight of responsibility in possessing powers. The recent comic book series also gives the connotation that the other Marvel superheroes are watching Carol Danvers carefully to see how she handles being a powerful female superhero.

This might be the inherent danger of Captain Marvel: Giving too much attention to the fact she’s such a rare breed. Let’s hope it’s a natural progression rather than giving Danvers gravitas because she knows she’s one of the few female superheroes out there who has powers (and a revamped suit) resembling that of Superman.

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