New 'Beauty and the Beast' Ad Plays More of Emma Watson's Singing Voice

New 'Beauty and the Beast' Ad Plays More of Emma Watson's Singing Voice

By Robert Dougherty Jan 09, 2017 09:17 AM
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The first audio of Emma Watson singing in Beauty and the Beast came from a Belle doll and from an official recording released online days later. Yet no ads or trailers had audio of Watson or anyone else singing, until the one that aired during the Golden Globes.

While the first showcase of Watson's voice came from her singing the late second act song "Something There" this ad has her singing the late first act reprisal of "Belle" in the background of several new shots.

At this point, they've actually given away most of Watson's singing material, at least with songs from the original animated film. The only other song that Belle sung part of in the original was the opening number, but Alan Menken does have a few new songs written involving Belle which haven't been given away yet.

This ad wasn't the only thing to give away new Beauty and the Beast material over the weekend, however. USA TODAY's 2017 movie preview included a new photo of the Beast dipping Belle, which was actually shown near the end of the ad.

Walt Disney Pictures

USA TODAY also included quotes from Dan Stevens on how they pulled off the Beast, as he did motion-capture work “in a giant muscle suit on stilts in a Lycra onesie" before giving a facial performance, in a process that's "never been used for a romantic lead before."

Such a romance between Belle and the Beast was described by Watson as a "yin and yang of different energies, like two halves of a whole" according to Stevens, who saw the Beast as a "big, quite silly character at times who’s incredibly misanthropic." But while it takes time for Belle to break through that shell, Stevens was immediately fascinated by "having this incredibly bright woman opposite me firing these ideas around”

Nonetheless, it isn't just Watson and Stevens who are shown off in the weekend's other big reveal. A theater display found weeks earlier included the first look at how Ewan McGregor, Ian McKellen, Emma Thompson, Stanley Tucci, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Audra McDonald appear in human form before becoming household items, but now it has been released in poster form.

Walt Disney Pictures

While the weekend was full of new Beauty and the Beast scoops, there's still several more weekends to go until the rest is revealed in theaters on March 17.

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