'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2' Among New DVD/Blu-ray Releases

'My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2' Among New DVD/Blu-ray Releases

By Robert Dougherty Jun 21, 2016 04:02 PM
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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 made a much quicker trip from theaters to DVD than the original wedding did 13 years ago. Nevertheless, the second big fat Greek celebration is now available for all large and crazy families to gather around and watch at home.

The rest of the new DVD/Blu-ray releases as of June 21 are from an even more diverse group of creatives, from Sacha Baron Cohen to Jeff Nichols and even Terrance Malick.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2

Universal Pictures

This time Nia Vardolas isn't the one getting married, yet she is struggling to let go of her growing daughter while keeping the spark alive with husband John Corbett and helping with her parents' second wedding.

The Brothers Grimsby

Columbia Pictures

Cohen changes genres to make a spy thriller and a family reunion, as his football hooligan discovers his long lost brother Mark Strong is a lethal spy on the run. Even so, the usual Cohen standards of massively over the top and disgusting set pieces are still a constant.

Midnight Special

Warner Brothers Pictures

Michael Shannon reunites with his Take Shelter and Mud director Nichols for a much different drama, as his son is embued with mysterious and otherworldly powers. Kirsten Dunst and Joel Edgerton aid them while government forces led by Adam Driver are in pursuit.

Knight of Cups

Broad Green Pictures

The latest head scratching experiment from Malick has something to do with actor Christian Bale, the women in his path including Natalie Portman, Cate Blanchett, Teresa Palmer and Imogen Poots, and anyone else who managed to make Malick's final cut.


IFC Films

When Columbia professor Sam Waterston is attacked, the chain reaction touches characters like student Kristen Stewart, bystander Corey Stoll and more in Tim Blake Nelson's drama.

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