Michael K. Williams Latest 'Han Solo' Cast Member

Michael K. Williams Latest 'Han Solo' Cast Member

By Robert Dougherty Mar 07, 2017 08:47 AM
Photo Credit: HBO

The Star Wars young Han Solo movie has started filming, yet it still isn't done casting key roles and bringing him popular actors. This time around, the official Star Wars website confirmed that Michael K. Williams has joined the cast, although it didn't say what his part would be.

Williams joins Emilia Clarke and Thandie Newton as Han Solo cast members whose characters are complete unknowns so far. Nonetheless, some will surely theorize that Williams and Newton are part of the backstory for Donald Glover's young Lando, to go along with Alden Ehrenreich's young Han having Woody Harrelson as a mentor.

Whatever Williams' part is, it stands to be his most high profile big screen role to date. He is still best known for his TV work on the likes of The Wire, Boardwalk Empire, The Night Of and ABC's recent miniseries When We Rise, while he has had smaller parts in movies like Ghostbusters, Assassin's Creed and 12 Years a Slave. There's no guarantee that his role here will be any larger, but for now anything is possible.

LucasFilm and Disney keep borrowing pretty heavily from HBO's roster, with HBO veteran Williams joining Game of Thrones' Clarke and Westworld's Newton. Adam Driver also got his start on HBO before becoming Kylo Ren, while Laura Dern starred on Enlightened and Big Little Lies before The Last Jedi, so the network has been a farm system for Skywalker and anthology Star Wars films lately.

Assuming that Newton and Williams aren't playing CGI characters or unrecognizable aliens, this would be the first Star Wars film with three black actors in significant parts that don't hide their faces. While that may seem like a step forward on paper, it all depends on how they are ultimately used.

Co-directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller are in the early stages of bringing the answers to life right now, but the rest of the galaxy won't see Han Solo's end results until May 25, 2018.

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