M. Night Shyamalan Confirms Plans After 'Split' Twist Ending

M. Night Shyamalan Confirms Plans After 'Split' Twist Ending

By Robert Dougherty Jan 23, 2017 08:59 AM

The very last minute of Split was destined to set off a lot of theories on what M. Night Shyamalan might come up with next. After the secret was revealed to audiences who spent over $40 million to see it, Shyamalan confirmed how he hopes to follow up on what Split set up for his cinematic universe.

For those who didn't see it or didn't get spoiled, they absolutely must not read on until they do.


Uproxx's Mike Ryan revealed that Shyamalan told him “I do intend on making a final Unbreakable movie and I’m intending on doing it next." Technically, Split was revealed to be the second movie in a potential Unbreakable trilogy, once Bruce Willis was seen watching a news report about James McAvoy's newly forged supervillain.

With Split's big opening weekend, Shyamalan now might just have enough clout to make "the final movie of these two movies put together.” He told Ryan that he is still close to Willis, McAvoy and Samuel L. Jackson and hopes a grand finale with all their Unbreakable and Split characters "becomes a reality very soon.”

Earlier in the weekend, Shyamalan revealed to Entertainment Weekly that McAvoy's character, or at least one of his personalities, was originally supposed to be in Unbreakable's third act. His first draft had Kevin as the child-abducting villain that Willis's David Dunn defeated in his first act as a superhero, with Split to later show "the girls side of it the whole time."

Now that it has paid off 16 years later, Shyamalan has a "really robust outline, which is pretty intricate" for a full on Unbreakable/Split crossover. He plans to start writing it out a week after Split's release, stating "I’m almost there but I’m not quite there."

Yet while McAvoy was told from the beginning that this might result in another film where he faces Willis, Shyamalan didn't say anything about whether Kevin/The Beast/The Horde/Dennis/Patricia/Hedwig would break out Jackson's Elijah Price/Mr. Glass to join them. But considering Jackson's importance to the expanded Unbreakable universe, and the fanatical belief of Kevin's "Horde" that 'broken' people like them and Mr. Glass are 'superior', it's hard to see a sequel where they don't join forces against the world's most unbroken human.

With Shyamalan now perhaps enjoying his biggest success since Signs, nothing except his own writing process and McAvoy, Willis and Jackson's schedules may stand in the way of seeing such a sequel soon. In the meantime, Split is currently serving as a prequel to that sequel, which many moviegoers figured out this past weekend and which many more will discover in the days to come.

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