‘Luke Cage’ Gets a Premiere Date And More Marvel TV In Development

‘Luke Cage’ Gets a Premiere Date And More Marvel TV In Development

By Amanda Joyce Mar 14, 2016 10:15 AM
Photo Credit: Marvel/Netflix

Though we theorized that Luke Cage might get a November premiere date after Jessica Jones dropped some clues on her twitter account, we’ll be getting to see the Harlem hero in action a little bit earlier than that. Mike Colter, who plays the titular character announced that the show will launch on Netflix on September 30.

Colter made the announcement on the red carpet at the season two premiere of Daredevil. He was on hand with cast members from the Marvel Netflix shows to walk the press line and view the first episode in New York. He announced the premiere date to Lorraine Cink, who was the Marvel representative reporting from their own live stream of events. (Over the course of the night, she also had Marvel cast members play the latest Marvel video games with her.)

The news of Luke Cage coming to Netflix earlier than expected wasn’t the only Marvel series news out of the premiere event. Jeph Loeb, head of Marvel’s Television, also spoke with ComicBook.Com on the carpet and revealed that there are more TV series in development than have been announced to the media. While Iron Fist and The Defenders are still on the way for Netflix, there are two comedy series in development at ABC along with the possible Agents of SHIELD spinoff Marvel’s Most Wanted, and another series from John Ridley, there are even more on the way. That’s a total of six that we know about, but Loeb said there are at least four more he’s actively thinking about:

It never stops. We have, in one way or the other... there's nine or ten shows that are going. They're going on in my brain. The idea is, much like when I was doing television and writing comics at the same time, it’s about telling stories, and making sure we are telling the best stories that we can.

He didn’t reveal whether the other shows in development were for ABC, Netflix, or even another network, but it isn’t too surprising that Marvel’s television side of things is thinking so far ahead since the movies are planned year in advance.

For your current Marvel TV fix, catch Agents of SHIELD on Tuesdays at 9PM on ABC. Daredevil season two will be available to stream in its entirety on Netflix on March 18. Season one of Daredevil and Jessica Jones are available on Netflix now.





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