Joe Manganiello Now Sounds Unsure About 'The Batman' Future

Joe Manganiello Now Sounds Unsure About 'The Batman' Future

By Robert Dougherty Mar 20, 2017 09:29 AM

Joe Manganiello predicted months ago that The Batman would film later this year, but now it is stuck in rewrites before Matt Reeves takes over as the new director. Since reports allegedly have the script being rewritten from scratch, there's no telling what could change in the next draft, including Manganiello's role as supposed arch-villain Deathstroke.

In fact, Manganiello very briefly hinted at his own doubts on his future with The Batman while talking to Pittsburgh Today Live.

Manganiello could just be saying "We'll see" about playing Deathstroke because he's trying not to give anything away, although his casting and his character were revealed months ago. Since he said this days after the reports about massive rewrites, and since Reeves' arrival may further trigger a clean slate, the timing is suspicious at the least.

While the script is allegedly being rewritten from the ground up, doing it to the point of writing Deathstroke out or reducing his role would be quite severe. But given that Ben Affleck was still attached as director just a few months ago, back when it looked like The Batman could start filming in 2017, a lot can change in a short time.

Since so much is up in the air and so much has changed so far, perhaps Manganiello is hedging his bets in case his schedule gets too crowded by early 2018. Once it became clear The Batman wouldn't move forward anytime soon, he already filled the time by signing onto Dwayne Johnson's Rampage, which will in fact film later this year.

If they are starting completely over with The Batman, it could be a promising sign or an ominous one. If they're doing so to really take the time to get it right, and to make sure Reeves will have true creative control, it may well be worth it. But if the DCEU is just overcorrecting itself prematurely, like with its reshoots and interference for Suicide Squad, it might have greater consequences than merely writing out or reducing Manganiello's role.

Should Deathstroke survive the editing process, he won't menace The Batman on screen for at least another two years. In the meantime, Manganiello will only use his voice in a much less threatening matter for his next film, as he voices Hefty Smurf in Smurfs: The Lost Village on April 7.

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