J.K. Simmons Joins King Kong On 'Skull Island'

J.K. Simmons Joins King Kong On 'Skull Island'

By Robert Dougherty Dec 16, 2014 09:43 AM

The latest update of King Kong was officially dubbed Kong: Skull Island last week. On Dec. 15, the film took another step forward by signing on its second human cast member. What's more, by the time the movie comes out in 2017, it may well get to brag that it has an Oscar winning actor in its cast, given the current run of awards for J.K. Simmons.

Simmons is currently having his big moment in the spotlight, as he goes from character actor to overwhelming Best Supporting Actor favorite for Whiplash. Now after playing a music teacher who borders on being a real monster to protege Miles Teller, Simmons will get to face an actual legendary monster in some capacity.

Aside from the title, there are no actual hints on how Kong will come back and who his new human friends and enemies are. Simmons' actual character was not disclosed, and neither has the one played by fellow human lead Tom Hiddleston. With Kong: Skull Island not due for release until 2017, those details are probably a long way from being revealed or finished.

Given Simmons' run to the Oscars, one could say that taking a role in a Kong remake should be beneath him now. However, the recent update of Godzilla wasn't beneath the likes of Bryan Cranston, Sally Hawkins, Elizabeth Olsen, Ken Watanabe and other notable names, regardless of whether they actually had anything to do. This new version of King Kong now stands to have a similar bunch of familiar, unlikely faces, if Hiddleston and Simmons are any indication.

Since Simmons has gone back and forth between movies and TV, between drama and CGI spectacle and even into a series of State Farm commercials, his newfound and upcoming awards are unlikely to change what kind of projects he takes. In this one, the actor who embodies one of the most frightening new dramatic movie villains in recent memory now gets to act side-by-side with the actor who embodies the most beloved comic book villain today -- with both of them facing one of the most beloved monsters of all time.

Mr. Fletcher, Loki and King Kong still have to wait until 2017 to face off, as The Kings of Summer director Jordan Vogt-Roberts looks for other actors and crew to surround Skull Island with them.

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