Jessica Chastain Reveals What Would Make Her Want To Play Poison Ivy

Jessica Chastain Reveals What Would Make Her Want To Play Poison Ivy

By Robert Dougherty Mar 28, 2017 09:18 AM
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Ever since Poison Ivy was said to be a main character in Gotham City Sirens, Jessica Chastain has surely been one of the most popular fan choices to play her. Yet sharing the same hair color isn't all that the Oscar nominee and the newest version of Batman's most eco-friendly nemesis would need to have in common, as Chastain told Cinemablend while promoting The Zookeeper's Wife.

When Cinemablend's Mike Reyes asked Chastain what would make her interested in playing Poison Ivy, she stated that "I like female characters that are subjects, not objects." Since she gravitates to projects and characters that "are strong and dynamic, and not stereotypes or objects," she admits that if there's a Poison Ivy who meets that standard, she would certainly "Throw my hat in the ring."

In that case, a Gotham City Sirens/DCEU Poison Ivy would probably have to climb a higher bar than the low one set by the Uma Thurman Batman & Robin version. What's more, the bar for strong and dynamic female characters in the DCEU in general is a rather dodgy one on its own, thanks in part to Suicide Squad lifting and lowering it.

With Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn set to lead Gotham City Sirens, that likely clears the bar in part right there. Yet with Suicide Squad's David Ayer in place to helm it, there is more of a cause for concern, given how he made Harley walk a shaky line between dynamic and objectified. Nonetheless, he's still been tasked to put Harley alongside a new Poison Ivy and Catwoman, although female writer Geneva Robertson-Dworet will provide the script instead of Ayer.

Given how uncertain the DCEU's schedule is after Wonder Woman and Justice League, Gotham City Sirens could either be a long way off or get fast tracked in a hurry. But at this point, only Robbie and Ayer are attached and any future casting isn't imminent, although there's been past speculation around Megan Fox becoming Poison Ivy.

Since Poison Ivy has gotten very close to Harley in cartoons and comics over the years, casting her and finding the right match for Robbie may be the most important factor of Gotham City Sirens. In that regard, putting Chastain alongside Robbie would be a dream bit of casting, although Chastain's constantly busy schedule and the remaining question marks around Ayer and the DCEU could very easily deflate that dream.

In any case, while Gotham City Sirens still searches for a release date and its place in the DCEU's pecking order, Chastain will next be seen in the far from comic book-esq story The Zookeeper's Wife on March 31.

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