James Mangold Confirms 'Logan' Finale Foreshadowed In 'The Wolverine'

James Mangold Confirms 'Logan' Finale Foreshadowed In 'The Wolverine'

By Robert Dougherty Mar 10, 2017 12:00 PM
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Logan has been praised for being unlike any X-Men and Wolverine film before it, including James Mangold's first Wolverine film in The Wolverine. Yet some eagle eyed viewers figured out The Wolverine actually laid the groundwork for the grand finale of Logan, with Mangold himself confirming those suspicions.

On the off chance the final fate of Logan hasn't been spoiled to readers yet, a warning is needed from here.


Twitter users Jack and MauriceTheChosenOne each pointed out a key moment in The Wolverine where Rila Fukushima's Yukio reveals her vision of Logan's death. That vision seemed to have been prevented later in the film, but these viewers and others noticed it actually matches up with the final moments of Logan, if not exactly how Yukio first suggested.

While Jack brought this up to Mangold on March 3 and Maurice did six days later, Mangold gave them both confirmations within 20 minutes of each other on March 9.

Mangold and Hugh Jackman likely didn't envision Yukio's prophecy coming true in this fashion while they made The Wolverine, or figure out back then that Logan holding "your own heart in your hand" would really refer to his genetic daughter. Still, they did start coming up with ideas for Logan and for Wolverine's true demise right after making The Wolverine, ultimately ruling out a CGI-driven third act or loopholes for Logan to escape his fate this time.

Technically, Yukio's vision never actually happened, since the future changing finale of X-Men: Days of Future Past really erased the events of The Wolverine from existence. Continuity is a very erratic notion in the X-Men timeline, which might make it hard for some to believe that Logan is really dead for good, even with Jackman now retired from the series. Nonetheless, Mangold made it so his fate looked truly permanent and unchanging, no matter what Fox and Marvel might do when they eventually reboot or remake Wolverine later on.

Despite Logan's vast differences from the usual X-Men formula, and despite the franchise's shaky commitment to continuity, it would appear they snuck in a vital connection under almost everyone's noses while they mourned Logan's last moments. They can be relived in theaters now, as Logan and its growing word of mouth tries to fight off Kong: Skull Island at the box office.

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