'It' Arrives Again In First Trailer

'It' Arrives Again In First Trailer

By Robert Dougherty Mar 29, 2017 01:44 PM
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

It will be the second Stephen King novel turned movie this year after The Dark Tower, with both films receiving previews at Las Vegas's CinemaCon this week as well. Yet unlike The Dark Tower's preview earlier this week, the first look at It is already online hours before its CinemaCon panel later today.

Unlike The Dark Tower, It was already filmed decades ago, only in a TV miniseries with Tim Curry as the notorious sewer dwelling clown Pennywise. This time around, there are a few brief glimpses of Bill Skarsgård as the monstrous killer, who seeks to make Jaeden Lieberher, Finn Wolfhard and their other young friends and family members float in his sewer.

It took some time for the new It to leave the sewers, as Skarsgård replaced original Pennywise Will Poulter and director Andrés Muschietti stepped in for Cary Fukunaga. Nonetheless, Pennywise is now officially back and isn't going anywhere for a while, since this is only part one of the two-part story.

It's CinemaCon panel may or may not shed more light on how they will adapt the second half of King's novel, where the children have to battle Pennywise again as adults. For now, this teaser only hints at the larger war to come, and at Pennywise and his powers over abducted children and carousel slide projectors.

At the least, this version of It does still have hallmarks like Pennywise's red balloon, his sewer lair and his "We all float down here" mantra. Everything else old and new about his and King's terrifying world will be unveiled in theaters on Sept. 8.

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