‘The Force Awakens’ In More Than 20 Easter Eggs

‘The Force Awakens’ In More Than 20 Easter Eggs

By Amanda Joyce Dec 26, 2015 06:15 AM
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Going into something like The Force Awakens, even the most casual of fans know that there are going to be plenty of call backs to the original film trilogy. And while Episode VII did have plenty of nostalgic moments, it also had a lot of winks and nods to fans, and enough cameos for you to shake a stick at. We’ve got as many as we could spot.


Note: These Easter eggs do contain discussions of plot points in the latest Star Wars movie, so spoilers lie ahead. If you haven’t seen the film, you have been warned!



“This is a rescue.”

When Finn breaks Poe out of his First Order lock up, he has to explain to the resistance pilot that he is, in fact, breaking him out. It’s a nice call back to Luke Skywalker first meeting Princess Leia and telling her “I’m here to rescue you.”


Poe’s name.

It’s been revealed in interviews with J.J. Abrams that Poe got his name from his daughter’s stuffed polar bear and his assistant Morgan Dameron.




As many a fan has pointed out around the internet since the movie was released, the number assigned to Finn as a Stormtrooper is a callback to Leia being imprisoned as well. While the FN gives him his name in the movie, the numbers are the same ones assigned to her cell in A New Hope.


Rey’s home.

While we see her scavenging for parts, there are also numerous callbacks to the franchise in her home. Not only does she have the helmet of a fighter pilot, but she also has a child’s doll in her belongings that resembles Luke’s X-wing uniform. She also happens to be living out of a wrecked At-At. Top it off with her glasses being repurposed goggles from a Stormtrooper’s mask, and her costume design being based on old designs for Luke Skywalker when George Lucas thought he might make the character a woman, and Rey’s home is Easter egg central.



Kelvin Ridge.

Rey warns BB-8 to stay away from this area on Jakku when she frees the droid. If you’ve ever seen a J.J. Abrams project, you’ll recognize the name Kelvin. His grandfather’s name is Harry Kelvin, and it’s a shoutout he likes to use in nearly everything he makes. He named a character Kelvin in LOST and Super 8 and even had Kirk on board the USS Kelvin in Star Trek.


“Maybe we should use a clone army.”

It’s revealed that the current Stormtroopers are taken from the families at birth and conditioned to become a part of the First Order’s army (not unlike child soldiers), but when Finn’s conditioning fails, this suggestion is brought up in reference to the prequel trilogy and animated series where it was clones that those against the dark side went up against.


“I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Every Star Wars movie ever made features this line at some point, and it always occurs right before something bad happens for our heroes. In this case, it’s the Rathtars being released on the freighter that Han Solo is supposed to be delivering.



The Rathtar as a rolling boulder.

If you imagine the alien creature is a rolling boulder instead, you’ll realize the scene with Han trying to outrun it is an homage to his other big 80s role Indiana Jones. It’s a nice callback to Raiders of the Lost Ark.


The Jedi training ball.

As Finn is trying to help Chewie with his injuries, he pulls out a few items while searching for supplies, and one of them is the ball that Luke trained with while learning to use the Force. Has it been on the Millennium Falcon this whole time or did another young apprentice use it?



Finn accidentally turns on a Holochess game in progress on board the Millennium Falcon. The last time we saw it activated, Chewie was the one playing with R2D2 and C3PO. C3PO even told R2D2 to let the Wookie win.


The Falcon’s motivator is busted.

Some things really do never change. C3PO noted that the Falcon had the same problem in Empire Strikes Back, giving it as the reason the ship wouldn’t be able to reach lightspeed. In fact, if you pay careful attention, you’ll notice that the area on the Falcon where Rey and Finn attempt to fix this problem is the same one where Chewie and Han went to fix the problem in the older film.


An alien on the Falcon’s windshield.

As Han, Chewie, Rey, and Finn get the Falcon out of the freighter, a Rathtar attaches itself to the windshield. A similar shot was used when a Mynock attached itself to the Falcon in Empire Strikes Back.


Maz Kanata’s flags.

When Han, Finn, and Rey make their way to Maz Kanata’s castle, there are flags all over the outside. The shot where you can see them all appeared in one of the trailers for the film, and even then, eagle eyed fans spent time analyzing them. You’ll find symbols on the flags associated with people and races met in the Star Wars movies before, including Boba Fett. You’ll also see many of the symbols for pod racers that Anakin went up against in The Phantom Menace.



The lightsaber trunk.

Whether it’s a similar design or purposeful, it looks like the trunk where Maz Kanata has been storing Luke’s lightsaber is the same trunk where Obi Wan stored it when it belonged to Anakin before him. Maybe they just buy the same furniture, or maybe they knew one another.


J.J. Abrams’ good luck charm.

Maybe this shouldn’t technically be classified as an Easter egg since his role in this film is a bit larger than some people expected, but Greg Grunberg is the director’s unofficial good luck charm and has been called so for years. He has at least a cameo in nearly every project Abrams has ever done. He was one of the leads in the series Felicity and Alias, had a guest starring role in LOST, played an actor in Super 8, provided voice work in Star Trek, and appeared in Mission: Impossible 3 amongst others. Here, he’s an X-wing pilot named Snap.


The Starkiller base.

In early writing for the original trilogy, Luke Skywalker’s name was originally Luke Starkiller. It was changed in rewrites, but the name got new life here in the First Order’s new weapon that was even more dangerous than a Death Star.


Finn worked in sanitation.

Strangely enough, this is a reference to Kevin Smith’s film Clerks. (FYI: Kevin Smith supposedly recorded some voice work for the movie, though no one has spotted his voice just yet.) In Clerks, it’s made mention that a Stormtrooper wouldn’t be able to install a toilet. Of course, it also works as a great lead in to a later exchange...


Is there a trash chute in here? Or a garbage compactor?

Han knows just what to do with Captain Phasma when they’re done getting her to lower the shields of the base. After all, he, Luke, and Leia got mighty personal with a trash compactor back when they were trying to escape an Empire base.



Ben Solo.

While many fans will point to Han and Leia naming their son Ben as an homage to Obi Wan Kenobi, who took on the name when he was in hiding, the name is also shared by a character in the Star Wars novels that followed up the original films that are no longer considered part of the movie canon. Ben Skywalker was Luke’s son and apprentice to Jacen Solo. Jacen eventually turned to the dark side and killed Luke’s wife. Slightly different than the events of the film, but a callback all the same.


The Game of Thrones cameos.

You already know about Daniel Craig and Ewan McGregor’s cameos, so we won’t add those in here. You might have thought Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma would be the only alum from the show to pop up. Instead, there are bit parts from cast members of the series sprinkled throughout the movie. The movie and the show shared a casting director in Nina Gold, which probably helped. You’ll spot Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Jessica Henwick, Max von Sydow, Mark Stanley, Miltos Yerolemou, and Emun Elliot all have parts in the film and all appeared on Game of Thrones in some capacity.


Even more cameos.

We won’t run through them all here, but suffice to say that a lot of Hollywood was interested in being in this movie, even if it was only for a moment. A few of the fun ones? J.J. Abrams’ father is a member of the resistance and so is Carrie Fisher’s daughter. J.J. Abrams also recorded the vocals for the music in Maz Kanata’s castle with the composer for it - Broadway’s Lin Manuel Miranda. Simon Pegg, a huge Star Wars fan who has worked with Abrams in the past, also had a role in the film as the parts trader Rey gets her meals from at the beginning of the movie.



Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens is currently playing in theaters if you want to see it again and spot as many Easter eggs as you can. Did we miss any? Let us know!

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