First Trailer for Sci-Fi Love Story, 'The Space Between Us'

First Trailer for Sci-Fi Love Story, 'The Space Between Us'

By Tim McMahon May 25, 2016 09:20 PM
Photo Credit: STX Entertainment

Hollywood’s obsession with Mars continues in the first trailer for The Space Between Us. STX Entertainment released the first footage from the film as well as the official poster on Wednesday.

Putting a unique spin on space travel, the film tells a love story about a boy, Gardner Elliot (Asa Butterfield), born during the first colonized mission to the red planet. At the age of 16 (and only knowing the 14 people with whom he lives on Mars), Gardner begins an online friendship with a girl from Colorado named Tulsa (Britt Robertson).

When he returns to Earth, he’s kept under observation as scientists discover his organs can’t withstand the atmosphere. Eager to experience the world for the first time, Gardner escapes and joins Tulsa with whom he discovers where he belongs in the universe.

The trailer is reminiscent of The Martian (and even includes a character saying ‘bring him home,’ the tagline of last year’s box office hit) but it also has similarities to Room as Gardner – much like Jack in the indie drama – enters our world for the first time.

Butterfield and Robertson both have experience in the science fiction genre as he starred in an adaptation of the novel, Ender’s Game in 2013 and she starred in Disney’s Tomorrowland last year.

The Space Between Us, which also stars Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino, BD Wong and Janet Montgomery, releases on August 19.

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