Final 'Kong: Skull Island' Trailer Out Days Before Film's Release

Final 'Kong: Skull Island' Trailer Out Days Before Film's Release

By Robert Dougherty Feb 28, 2017 08:41 AM
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

With under two weeks until Kong: Skull Island comes out, it is fairly late to release one last full length trailer. But on the off chance people are still on the fence about seeing it, this final 2 1/2 minute montage stands to finish the job.

The last teaser notably doubles down on a 1970s inspired soundtrack, which fits for this post-Vietnam era take on Kong. It also shows Tom Hiddleston being recruited for the mission by John Goodman and Corey Hawkins, a bit more of photographer Brie Larson than in previous trailers, and even more of Kong taking down army helicopters and his rival monsters.

Perhaps with so little time left before the full movie comes out, showing this much right now could be a bit too spoilery. But with screenings set to start this week, it won't be long before even more spoilers and concrete hints about its actual quality spread online.

Although Kong: Skull Island is meant to revive Kong once again, it is also designed to set up a new cinematic universe of monsters, and particularly a future Kong vs Godzilla showdown. The next step after this one is a sequel to the most recent Godzilla, which just made another move forward by casting Vera Farmiga alongside Kyle Chandler and Millie Bobbie Brown and filling out the new human family in Godzilla's path.

Kong is warming up for Godzilla by taking on the army and “Skull Crawler” monsters, but Godzilla still has a lot of time to finish setting up his undercard. Either way, Kong: Skull Island will reintroduce Godzilla’s future opponent, his island home and its invaders and devils on March 10.

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