Eli Roth Brings Murder Mystery to Snapchat

Eli Roth Brings Murder Mystery to Snapchat

By Amanda Joyce Jul 20, 2015 02:00 PM
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Eli Roth has become one of the modern masters of horror with films like Hostel. Eli Roth’s production company Crypt TV ushered in a new age of horror by using Snapchat to tell a story and encourage users to solve the mystery themselves. Could this be a new wave of storytelling?

Snapchat is a relatively new application (when you’re looking at the grand scheme of twitter and instagram) for cell phones that allows users to share messages for a short period of time. Images and videos can be taken and shared with friends, but after so many seconds, they disappear. It’s become a wildly popular app with teens and young adults, and Crypt TV decided to take advantage of that by launching a murder mystery on the platform. It’s the first social media interaction of its kind.

Called One Minute Horror, the CryptTV account released short video snippets of a mystery last night containing “all the clues” necessary to solve a murder mystery. Those who were following the videos have 24 hours to solve the mystery, which means all will be revealed tonight.

Eli Roth via Twitter

Could this be a wave of the future? Users who already have the app get the videos and images for free. Producing one minute worth of footage is undoubtedly less expensive for a production company than whole interviews to drum up publicity too. If Roth’s murder mystery sees success, it could set off a new wave of social media marketing.

Movies and studios already take advantage of applications like twitter and instagram to get tech savvy audience members to share their content and participate in contests, but those are items that get shared and favorited and liked and spread across the internet. Snapchat makes the content more exclusive with its “view and purge” approach to sharing. Of course, there are ways to capture and save the content, but if a user is intent on watching a 10 second clip, they’re likely not going to be taking the time to do that. And exclusive content, as we know from this year’s Comic Con leaks, always makes people hungry for more.

Roth also has The Green Inferno (which already has a sequel in development) finally hitting US theaters later this year as well as Knock Knock, starring Keanu Reeves.


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