Deadpool's Pre-Credits Sketch Before 'Logan' Now Online

Deadpool's Pre-Credits Sketch Before 'Logan' Now Online

By Robert Dougherty Mar 06, 2017 08:34 AM
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Audiences spent a surprising $85+ million to see Logan this weekend, and even got a surprise bonus from Deadpool before the movie started. Yet after March 2 and 3, the secret was out that a Deadpool short was placed before Logan, so Fox and Marvel went and spoiled it for everyone else by posting it online the next day.

Nonetheless, the version that went on the Internet was different from the one in theaters. In this version, the Deadpool opening credits song "Angel of the Morning" isn't playing when Ryan Reynolds first shows his deformed face, and an additional cameo is added midway through.


The first exclusive report about this teaser from /FILM claimed Stan Lee was in it, but it seemed to be false until this version was posted. One of the biggest signs that Logan was far different than usual was that Lee didn't make his signature cameo in the movie, so putting him here likely made up for it.

In the theatrical version, Deadpool didn't impersonate Hugh Jackman's Australian accent at the end when mocking Logan as well. But with Jackman's Wolverine now officially gone for good, there wouldn't have been many more chances for him to do it, unless they work a Wolverine gag into Deadpool 2. Yet since the script may well be getting redone now, there's no telling what is in it or what will make the final cut.

When The Wrap first broke rumors of Deadpool being a part of Logan, the speculation was that it would be in the end credits of the final cut, instead of in the pre-credits. But for once, they made a Marvel movie with no scenes at all during the end credits, as per James Mangold's design.

Mangold told the Toronto Sun that his mission statement was "If this is how these other movies are doing it, we’re going the other way," and that included passing up a mid or post-credits scene. To him, "We were trying to make a movie that begun and ended on its own terms," although it did technically begin on Deadpool's.

Now that this clip is online, and now that word of mouth is catching fire on Logan, it won't be as big of a surprise to see him right before Logan's last ride. Either way, it will still be the last chance to see Deadpool on the big screen for another year or so, depending on when Deadpool 2 is ready to launch.

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