'Deadpool 2' Finds 'Atlanta''s Zazie Beetz To Play Domino

'Deadpool 2' Finds 'Atlanta''s Zazie Beetz To Play Domino

By Robert Dougherty Mar 10, 2017 09:14 AM
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Deadpool 2 has been in no hurry to cast its new major characters, but it has now finally found female telekinetic sharpshooter Domino. Janelle Monáe had been rumored as a leading choice earlier in the week, yet Ryan Reynolds announced the casting of a different rising African-American actress in Atlanta's Zazie Beetz.

Reynolds revealed this on Twitter with some fairly fitting props, which may have made it difficult to make out Beetz's name at first. Nonetheless, a second tweet made everything even clearer.

This came a day after co-writer Rhett Reese shot down rumors that Monáe was the new Domino frontrunner. Beforehand, Kerry Washington was thought to be in the running, while the likes of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Lizzy Caplan, Sienna Miller, Mackenzie Davis, Kelly Rohrbach and more were on a rumored shortlist over the last several months.

Instead, Reynolds, Fox and Marvel have gone in a different direction to find a relative newcomer. However, Atlanta has already become a popular resource for big 2018 blockbusters, since creator and star Donald Glover is currently filming as young Lando in the Han Solo anthology movie. What's more, supporting actor Lakeith Stanfield is now in the breakout horror hit Get Out, which is right behind current Fox/Marvel hit Logan at the box office.

The Golden Globe winning FX comedy already had its second season delayed until 2018, due to Glover's Star Wars side project. Now Atlanta female lead Beetz may well have her own blockbuster franchise film come out weeks before Han Solo, assuming Fox can get Deadpool 2 out in spring 2018. The next big step towards that goal is to cast fellow new character Cable, which may finally be imminent after this casting news.

Currently, Stranger Things' David Harbour is thought to be the newest actor of interest for Cable, yet Beetz's out of nowhere casting shows anything can happen at the last minute. But if Harbour does land the role, Deadpool 2's three leads would be from three of the biggest surprise breakout hits of 2016 in Deadpool, Stranger Things and Atlanta.

Deadpool returned to theaters exactly one week ago in a short before Logan, and now his own sequel has taken a long awaited step forward, with a few more on the way soon enough.

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