‘Captain America: Civil War’ Ending Rumors Swirl

‘Captain America: Civil War’ Ending Rumors Swirl

By Amanda Joyce Dec 30, 2015 12:45 PM
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We’ve seen plenty of rumors about Captain America: Civil War since the movie went into production, including the way the team ups would breakdown, and some have proven to be true, while others are more difficult to determine before we can actually see the movie. Youtube channel That Hashtag Show has another rumor though, and if this one is true, it could give away the ending.

Note: If this rumor is true, spoilers for Captain America: Civil War follow.

That Hashtag Show, which isn’t usually as privy to spoilers as some of the other websites and podcasts out there, claims to have a source close to the production team for the film that gave them one interesting bit of information - Civil War will find itself bookended with funerals.

If you’re still reading and don’t want to know who those funerals are for, this is your last chance to turn back.

Rumors of a funeral in the film have been running since visitors to Atlanta captured images of Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp) attending a funeral. The immediate speculation was that Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) would be the character whose death was being mourned. THS says that is correct, which isn’t hugely surprising, but it is a little sad for the movies going forward as it means any time writers opt to put Peggy Carter in, it will be a flashback from this point forward.

Of course, fans still have Agent Carter, the television series, that they can look forward to.

If Peggy is the first character we’ll be saying goodbye to in the film though, fans are interested in who the last will be. According to the source for THS it will be none other than Captain America himself, which goes along with the news that this will be the last solo Captain America film. They add that “During the film, Steve will make a deal with the government, stating that they are not to hunt down the people that allied with him in the Civil War. After Steve surrenders and is taken into custody he is killed.”

Interestingly, they note that his death - and whether it was planned or not from the time he was taken into custody - is ambiguous. Could we be looking at another traitor for Captain America? He already dealt with the organization he trusted being full of traitors in The Winter Soldier. What’s more, they allege that the movie will tease someone else taking up the Captain America mantle as Sharon, Bucky (Sebastian Stan), and Falcon (Anthony Mackie) are all shown picking up Captain America’s iconic shield. In the comic books, both Bucky and Falcon go on to become Winter Soldier, while Sharon is a formidable SHIELD agent, a position she left behind in the last film.

Fans have been speculating for a long time that Civil War could end with the death of Captain America, though the caveat is often that Evans has at least one more movie on his contract. Given the nature of comic books - time travel, shapeshifters, flashbacks, alternate universes, and more - there’s still a chance we could see Chris Evans again, even if Steve Rogers is killed.

If you made it through those possible spoilers, you’ll still have a long time to wait to find out if they’re true. Captain America: Civil War won’t hit theaters until May.


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