Ben Affleck Keeps Insisting He's 'Working On' Directing 'The Batman'

Ben Affleck Keeps Insisting He's 'Working On' Directing 'The Batman'

By Robert Dougherty Jan 10, 2017 10:20 AM
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Ben Affleck's promotional tour for Live by Night has been as much about answering doubts on The Batman than it has been about promoting his more current movie. In the midst of brand new rumors that The Batman is stalled and may not make its intended spring filming date, Affleck insisted once again that they are "working on it" and that he will direct it when it is ready.

This time, Affleck explained it to Jimmy Kimmel and added that he went through the same long process of making Live by Night. But in that case, Affleck said no one was asking him "Where’s Live by Night!," duriing the year-and-a-half long process of writing it, whereas everyone is now asking him "‘Where’s the f****** Batman!" and it made him joke "Wow, I’m working, give me a second!”

Affleck said something similar in an interview posted by hours earlier, only without the more colorful paraphrasing. Instead, he added that his script with Geoff Johns "just needs to get better and better,” but that "we’re ahead of the curve" anyway.

For good measure, he assured FOX 5 DC in an interview alongside Live by Night co-star Chris Messina that he is "good and going" to direct The Batman, despite recent skepticism.

Others disagree with Affleck's optimism, as the website claimed a "longtime BOF source" said filming would be pushed back "a couple of months" to mid-summer 2018. If that is true, then its chances of making a 2018 release date and filling one of the new open dates on DC's 2018 schedule would be very remote.

But as Affleck has kept insisting during recent interviews, he won't rush The Batman just to meet a pre-determined release date, even if Warner Brothers may need to rush something. With The Flash looking less and less likely to come out in March 2018, and with a late July 2018 date still open after Aquaman moved back to early October 2018, the pressure may be put on Affleck whether he wants it or not.

There's already enough pressure on Affleck's first upcoming film as Batman to turn the DCEU around, but at least Justice League has already been filmed. It will come out on Nov. 17, over 10 months after Affleck releases Live by Night on Jan. 13. Yet unlike with the Live by Night press tour, Affleck should presumably have more definitive updates on The Batman while promoting Justice League.

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