Batman Throws Down in Final 'Batman v Superman' Trailer

Batman Throws Down in Final 'Batman v Superman' Trailer

By Robert Dougherty Feb 11, 2016 11:55 AM
Photo Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is the second superhero film of 2016, so it is fitting that it is releasing a final trailer with the first one. While the last trailer will debut in theaters with Deadpool later on Feb. 11, it was released online hours earlier to remind comic book audiences of what’s coming next.

The trailers so far have had a very mixed track record, and the last full one was accused of revealing too much. Yet this last one does have a few things that haven’t been seen before, which doesn’t risk giving away big spoilers.

For all the doubts that may still linger about Ben Affleck being the next Batman, the trailer’s opening is the first to really show he has the hand-to-hand fighting part of it down pat. He certainly surprises Henry Cavill’s Superman at the very end, although that has as much to do with his likely Kryptonite infused armor as anything.

The clip also has Jeremy Irons’ Alfred engaging in banter with Master Bruce for the first time, after several trailers of him trying in vain to talk him out of fighting Superman. Yet Bruce is seen arguing that they can’t take the “1 percent” chance Superman will destroy mankind, as first seen in a TV ad a few weeks ago.

Most of the ads and trailers have seen a brief cameo from Wonder Woman, with the last one putting her, Batman and Superman all together at the end. However, this promo is the first to actually have Gal Gadot speak a line, albeit in her Diana Prince alter ego to Bruce at a party. For good measure, she also takes her biggest leap yet in her Wonder Woman attire.

Clearly Zack Snyder and company haven’t given away everything quite yet – and maybe if they showed a few of these bits in earlier trailers, there wouldn’t be as much doubt and skepticism left about the movie itself. Nevertheless, the time for Snyder to definitively answer those critics is getting closer and closer.

Another attempt to show them just how epic things will be comes with a new IMAX poster as well.

Warner Brothers Pictures

The comic book movie audiences of the world will be focused on Deadpool this weekend, but there are now six weeks left until Batman v Superman faces their full judgment on March 25.

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