Most Recent Cast and Director Interviews

By Randall J. Unger | January 15, 2015 01:00PM EST
The new independent dramedy Loitering With Intent focuses on two friends (Ivan Martin and Michael Godere), who are tasked with writing a screenplay in just 10 days. During their writing period, they...Read More
By Ashley Roth | January 14, 2015 02:29PM EST
Elizabeth Banks is widely known for filling comedic roles in films like Pitch Perfect, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, The Hunger Games franchise, but director Sara Colangelo reveals the actress is actively...Read More
By kbenardello | January 13, 2015 01:46PM EST
Skillfully learning how to deceivingly manipulate even the most strong-willed people to do what you want in order to achieve your goals is a powerful trait to have when trying to captivate and...Read More
By kbenardello | January 12, 2015 03:43PM EST
Setting out to find your rightful place in the world, particularly amongst people who truly appreciate you for who you really are, has become challenging in recent years, with society becoming...Read More
By Nick Leyland | January 07, 2015 03:18PM EST
Ethan Hawke has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for more than 20 years and each year his films continue to be some of the finest to hit the screen. I mean, who hasn’t seen Dead Poets...Read More
By Nick Leyland | January 02, 2015 09:44AM EST
Madeleine Arthur is a wonderful young actress who, if you went to the movies this week, you probably saw as Jane, the daughter of artist Margaret Keane, in Tim Burton’s new film, Big Eyes....Read More
By Randall J. Unger | December 31, 2014 02:49PM EST
TMN's writer and interviewer, Randall Unger, recently had the exciting opportunity to sit down with 'Big Eyes' screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karaszewski. Enjoy the interview...Read More
By kbenardello | December 29, 2014 03:25PM EST
Freely speaking your mind without any fear of cultural and legal repercussion, particularly when advocating a swift, modern change in how a group is unjustly oppressed in society, is a courageous and...Read More